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Serena has a lust for life.  Her experiences and talents are amazing.  By creating a Blog for her, she can go back in time, share letters of recommendation, and notes from clients thanking her.  Serena is always on a quest for knowledge!  I’m looking forward to reading what she shares!

Serena Samar


Emily Kennedy

Wrapped up creating a Blog for Emily Kennedy.  Emily has been volunteering for me for many years, she is a student and has just entered into the work force.  I thought that a Blog would help her keep track of her experiences and her journey!

Emily's Blog

Crabby Chris’ Crab Shack

Crabby ChrisWe tried very hard to have Crabby Chris’ Crab Shack at our reunion, but the City of Winter Park stopped us at every turn.  Regardless, I enjoyed working with Chris, he sure tried!  I created a quick blog for him, noticing that he didn’t have a website.  I’m looking forward to putting some final touches on it, when he’s ready!

Your Homework

This is a MUST read before, during or after you want to start your own business.  I read this book many years ago, and every time I am at a point where I have to make a decision, I remember what I learned by reading this book.  It’s a short read, but it’ll make a huge impact on the decision you’ll make for many years to come!

Order it on Amazon.

Get Real

Know why I love my job? You can’t lie to a dog!

I had to call a medical supply company last week.  I found it amazing how many numbers I had to press in order to get the right department.  What was really ticking me off was the fact that every time I reached a department, the person hung up on me!  Frustrated beyond belief, I called the company’s local number… I got the same recording and had to punch in the same serious of numbers in order to get the right department.  You know the feeling!

This is NOT what consumers want.

Nor do they want invisible people behind these fancy internet sites.  You know, the empty suits.  Get real with your business.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, try making a phone call to your bank, or sending them an email.  You’ll get this pre-written response that makes you feel as insignificant as a slug.

I’m not the best writer, I’m not the best communicator either, but I’m real!  People want to do business with People!

If you are running a business, or offering consulting services, go on a fact finding mission, and ask yourself if you’re real to your clients!

Kids Blogging?

Yes, they are. I’m teaching my daughter how to run with it. I created her Blog yesterday, and with the right tools, she will learn everything she needs to know about being a professional writer. I used WordPress. There is a Writing Helper included, and even a Request Feedback button to help her.

What’s important is the Categories that I’ve created for her.  She needs to learn to categorize her articles.  I doesn’t bother me that she’ll make some mistakes, what is important is that she enjoys it, and learns to categorize.  When you’re writing a story, you must keep in mind your Table of Contents, and your Index.

I’ll be reviewing her posts and offering her suggestions to improve her writing skills.  This is going to be much more fun for her than just using Microsoft Word and typing.

She’ll also learn how to link to other websites, how to research topics, and start creating a habit to document her experiences.  By the time she is in Middle School, she’ll be well on her way.  By the time she is in High School, she can take the knowledge and skills she has learned and do this professionally.  Regardless of what profession she pursues, writing will help her achieve her goals.

The Kids Critic

The Kids’ Critic

The Kids’ Critic is a Blog I designed for my daughter, to practice her writing skills and express her opinions!  It’s linked to her Facebook Fan page, and her Twitter Account.  It has all kinds of neat features, and the Categories allow her to post just about anything!  Soon, she will be taking photos, and learning how to post them and write blog posts from her phone!  The world will never be the same!

I urge you to purchase your child’s domain name immediately.  I purchased when Sarah was born in 2003, and I’m glad I did.  Don’t be shocked if your child’s name is taken.  Be creative, and find a way to purchase their name even if you have to use dates, middle initials or if you are forced to hyphenate your child’s name.  Then, run and reserve their Free blog name on either WordPress or Blogger.

One of the advantages is that you can start immediately to upload photographs of your child, and use your Blog for what it was originally intended, an online Diary!  You won’t have to worry about creating backups of your photographs.  You can even make your Blog private if you want.  But when your child is ready, he or she can unveil their entire life as a Blog!


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